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2016-12-22 20:56:31 by Flikkernicht


I've missed browsing this site so much. This is the first time I've been able to use it extensively in months, as its blocked at my college for no fucking reason whatsoever. I've e-mailed the IT dept. several times and I've got nothing. P much everytime I've been able to use NG, its been at somewhere where I can access public wireless like a fucking McDonalds or something. Plus, I've just been busy as all fuck. As such there's a big fucking dump of words below: 

Fucking DESTROYED my first semester of animation school. I'm flourishing and despite a lot of the issues I have with the school (cough cough it's full of unmotivated losers who don't give a shit about animation and are literally wasting their time/money and don't deserve to be attending one of the top animation schools internationally cough cough, more on that in a minute) I'm working really hard and I fucking love it.

Before I get onto what I've been doing with my work let me drop some thoughts about college. If you don't care about this/don't want to be bombarded with negativity then skip down below.

EDIT: Should probably add I'm not talking about EVERYONE obviously. I've met a lot of really cool and talented people at college. It's just that I've dealt with a lot of what I'm about to go into in the next paragraph. 

DON'T FUCKING GO TO SCHOOL FOR ANIMATION IF YOU ARE NOT 100% POSTIVE THAT YOU WANT TO BE AN ANIMATOR HOLY FUCKING SHIT. For me, this is all I've ever done and all I've ever wanted to do. It was never a question. When I was a little kid I would draw my own characters and create puppets out of them, when I was 9/10 I started very basic stop motion shit, 11/12 I was trying out sprite animation, and by 13 I'd taught myself flash. Granted, I wasn't "good" at all for a very long time, I got shit on by the community a good bit, but that shit's entirely nessecary and in fact I'm grateful for it. It made me get better. Maybe I'm just bitter because I'm so hopelessly dedicated to this shit but I can't tell you how many people I've ran into who switched majors last minute, who joined the major because "idk I liked to draw in high school and animation seemed fun", or who dick around during class time and get like three drawings done over the duration of six hours. Maybe this is just freshmen slackerdom but god damn, seeing people act so flippantly about something I've dedicated my entire life to feels like a slap in the fucking face. Aside from a handfull of my classmates I can't think of more than 10/15 people I've met who are really hungry and really fucking want it, and I know so many people from the NG community that are much much more deseriving of the position. People playing video games during lectures, watching youtube during drawing class, and being totally complacent with spending their life's savings to do no REAL work whatsoever and scrambling to get the homework/finals/whatever done the night before class. It's infuriating but at the same time it makes me work all that much harder. All the negativity aside, being in an environment where I'm being taught by industry veterans as well as surrounded by a select number of students who actually inspire/challenge me is really great. There's so many resources at my disposal and truthfully I don't think I've ever been in a better position in my entire life. I've seen so much improvement in my work in the small amount of time I've actually been there. Which, brings me to what I actually came here to write about: 

My work! There's been a bunch of it so I'm breaking this shit down into sections: 


-Drawings/Sketches/Multimedia Art: 

Here's a sketchbook dump of some stuff I've been drawing/doodling over the past semester, some in my free time and some for class. Clocks in at 115 pages. This is about 1/3rd of the amount of drawing work I've done, I didn't deem the others really worth displaying to anyone at all. I've finished 4 of my "regular" sketchbooks, 1 hardcover, 1 watercolor sketchbook, and 2 large drawing pads. Check that out at the link below: 

----> http://imgur.com/a/qtqyp <----


--Fucking Animating, Obviously: 

I've been animating for class pretty much exclusively aside from test stuff I've done on my own time with friends/independently. It's my first time working with animating on paper, which (in my opinion) FORCES improvement. You can't just undo, and you can't play your cartoon over and over and watch it to make sure everything works. You fucking hammer those basic principles into your head until they stick or else you're shooting a cartoon for an hour only to figure out that you added too many/too little frames or some drawings don't work or whatever. My animation teacher worked on Looney Tunes, Johnny Bravo, Pinky and the Brain, Animaniacs, Doug, and worked hand in hand with Bakshi on multiple cartoons. It's been really great being able to have him critique my stuff and I feel like I've learned and made leaps and bounds just from watching him. 

I did every excercise for class at least twice for practice's sake (sometimes three times), and ended up getting my final done three weeks early. It's all fairly basic stuff but it's been very helpful going back over the principles I tried to teach myself when I was younger with a greater understanding/experience. I've not had time to upload them all to my site yet but in the meantime you can see most of the completed ones in .GIF form at the links below. 

In addition to these I animated a ball bounce in perspective and a box moving but i didn't like either of those enough so here are the ones I like:








--Storyboarding a new film! 

Technically we're not supposed to be storyboarding until the second semester but after a number of meetings with my Story Pitch teacher (who is the best damn teacher I've ever had and is functioning somewhat as a mentor to my friend Max and I), he offered to work as a Producer on a film I've had growing like a tumor in the back of my mind for a while. He fancies me the next Bakshi which is the heftiest fucking compliment I've ever recieved. For the film I've already written the screenplay and storyboarded about 12 pages out of it. My out of class "assignment" is to complete the storyboards and complete at least a minute of the film by the end of the second semester. After talking with my animation teacher I'm gonna be able to animate the film in his class, and animate it digitally despite most students not working digitally until second year. Not trying to stroke my own dick here or anything but I'm proud of myself. Since college began I've been a fucking workhorse. The film's a departure from everything else I've ever done and I hope you all really dig it. Gonna be having a lot of help from @Fantishow on it, who's one of my closest friends and favorite artists and you should definitely check his stuff out too. 


--Reading art books/studying art and film:

I read the Preston Blair book cover to cover which is most vital thing I've ever read and if you're an animator and haven't read that shit cover to cover fucking do that right now. (Thanks to the homie @keeganmcfly for reccomending that. he is a sweetheart and is a fucking amazing artist and super underrated so go support him rn thanks) Additionally, I studied a good bit of Force Dynamic Life Drawing (thx @binarydood & @rikert) and Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist (Thx @ my friends drawing teacher). Plus been studying film a bunch. Trying to better my shot composition/visual storytelling. Some of the films that made the most impact on me over the past lil bit have been Scorsece's Casino, Paisolini's Salo (12 Days of Sodom), Bakshi's entire filmography (spcifically Fritz, Heavy Traffic, Coonskin and Wizards), De Palma's Carrie, and Anno's Shin Godzilla. Studying a lot of John K, Chuck Jones, Preston Blair, Bakshi, and friends I look up to as well. 


--Collabing with homies: 

Gonna drop the links for all this at the end of the paragraph! I did sound design for my friend Max's (without an NG account for now, that's gonna change soon) first semester reel. He's got the strongest work ethic of damn near anyone I know and is a natural to animation. His stuff is amazing and he's literally never animated prior to this. I also worked as the partial writer/live action host for the New Wave Halloween Collab a while back. I did some writing with @Fantishow for his film (which ended up getting cut due to school regularions), and wrote out a sketch with my good friend and favorite comedy boy @Pjorg which may or may not come to fruition in the coming months depending on how much free time I have. I've also been helping out Max (friend from college mentioned earlier) with writing and we've been spitballing cartoon ideas back and forth for a while now. Additionally I've been helping my girlfriend @kayland with her animation work and we've been exchanging info/critiquing eachother a lot on our art and I've learned a ton. She's super motivated, creative, and has an incredible work ethic but I'm gonna try and keep the gushing to a minimum lol 


Max's Reel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LRe48OEKIc

New Wave Halloween: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/683344

Fantishow's Film (sans the parts I wrote): http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/685417


All that work in addition to living on my own for the first time (and all the cleaning, groceries, upkeep etc that comes with that), networking, attempting to keep a somewhat consistent social life (both online and at college), being involved in a serious relationship, and travelling back and forth between Manhattan and my hometown and my girlfriends place has kept me as busy as a motherfucker. 

Aaaaand can't post an update on NG without mentioning that I got the newgrounds logo tattoo'd on my arm, as it's the reason I got started animating and I've been browsing for literally 10 years at this point. When I got tatted I wanted it to be something that's been consistent through my life and I couldn't think of anything that'd been more consistent than NG. Even if for whatever reason something severs my ties with the good ol 'grounds I think there's value in having it as a physical manifestation of a large chunk of my life. Please message me about how I'm gonna regret it in a year though, that joke is very original and funny (lookin at you boisvert @thundaboom)

So there's my last couple months I guess! Here's hoping IT finally replies to my emails and NG gets unblocked.



(PS, If you missed them please do me a favor and check out all these recent films by friends/people I respect. They deserve it more than I do) 














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2016-12-22 21:31:52

n***a i aint reading all that

(Updated ) Flikkernicht responds:

chew on my fat fucking cock skudd. meet me after class (for a kiss)


2016-12-22 21:46:46

You've been doing good work my dude. Thank you for the plug at the end! Seeing all this productivity makes me wanna get cracking on my own stuff. I'll run any screenplays I write by you and see what you think.

As for what you said about college, I definitely see it, and I can tell you it's any major. I was like that when I was a biology/biochemistry major, fresh out of high school with no idea what I actually wanted to do and blindly choosing something I was mildly good at. Eventually when you get into the upper level courses, you'll weed out those without the passion and interest to actually make something of themselves (though I'm sure there will be stragglers). I don't go to a prestigious film school or anything, but switching to film at my college changed everything for me in terms of possibilities, so I'm glad going to school for something you're passionate in has had the same effect on you.

I've known you for 4 years now (at least 4 according to this http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/157b9b01810069bc7d58d1f18f9e8292 )
so I've seen you change completely around, while still remaining the same person I became friends with in the first place. So hopefully you continue to improve while not forgetting... The Jon... Inside you... Anyways look forward to hanging with you at Magfest next month (year?!?!) and good luck!

also i have an idea for a movie about these two friends who live in a house together, its funny lol its us

(Updated ) Flikkernicht responds:

D'aw thanks Pete. Yeah I still need to read over that screenplay you sent me the other day so I'll get on that here in a few.

I'm glad you responded to the part about some of my classmates, I feel like I'm kind of stewing in the cynicism of it but it's refreshing to hear that it extends beyond just art-related degrees. None of them are bad people, just immature and misguided. I don't dislike or harbor any resentment for any of them on a personal level, it's more just the actions that frustrate me. Hoping that filters out without the next few months. I feel like an asshole for constantly berating them but I'm an angry man what can I say!!!

I'd like to add that I appreciate that you wrote out a response with actual thought behind it beyond just "tldr lol". Reassures me that I'm not just shouting into the void with these things haha.

and yeah holy FUCK! I don't know how any of you guys associated with the 14-year-old jon because I must've been a fucking handful lol. But thanks dude that really means a lot to me. You're a good pal. Seeya in a few weeks!


2016-12-22 21:50:41

Jon is cool.

Flikkernicht responds:

"nathan is freaking sweet" peter grifim


2016-12-22 21:59:45

Hey Jon, this was a good read. Glad to see you still working hard and learning and getting good because it's very intimidating and it makes me want to stop being such a satiated slug and actually get some concrete stuff done this break. As for that thing we wrote, I'm proud of the work we did and I still think it'd be funny, but the value I get out of doing stuff like that is 90% the actual process and 10% the release/ feedback, so please don't hesitate to shelve it to work on stuff you're more passionate about. Also I basically said this already but sometimes I remember you're only 18 and you still have 3.5 years ahead you dedicated just to learning your shit and it makes me want to get stuff done and learn things so thanks.

(Updated ) Flikkernicht responds:

Thanks Pat, that means a lot to me, like genuinely. Not to get too gushy and gay but I really respect you so it's nice to hear that i'm inspiring any kind of workflow/self-development whatsoever. You're one of my favorite collaborators so I'm sure if that one script never gets produced we'll be working on something else in the near future. I'd still like to see the short through to completion but it's really just a matter of how much time I'm gonna have.
Thanks again though dude, I really appreciate it. I still owe you that skype call from the other day so I'll give ya a buzz when i've got some downtime!


2016-12-22 22:01:19

I'm too lazy to read all of that

Flikkernicht responds:

youre really cool and funny lol


2016-12-22 22:03:44

i agree with the whole thing where some people dont give a fuck about animation in an animation class. thats pretty much 3/4 of my entire class and it makes me wanna shoot a fucking dog

Flikkernicht responds:

do not kill dogs they are nice


2016-12-22 23:54:41

A good read, does me damn proud to see you excelling. Was fun visiting you down (up?) there, and the improvement is noticeable my man. Don't get a fat cock over it, but keep on R-R-R-ROLLIN' BOOOOIIII.

Flikkernicht responds:

Thanks Dave! <3
I don't ever wanna get a fat cock about this stuff but at the same time I've developed a stronger backbone over the past year and a half and going to college especially has made me realize that being able to pat yourself on the back every once and a while is healthy. Really sick of this self-defeatist mentality perpetuated amongst the community.
But yeah dawg, feel free to come visit whenever, was rad hanging with ya. Good luck with all your projects too! Keep workin hard playa


2016-12-23 00:25:26

hey good lookin'

Flikkernicht responds:

o-oh golly, im blushing in front of the ENTIRE newgrounds community!!!


2016-12-23 11:17:02

It should be a crime for an animation school to block Newgrounds! Hopefully they sort that out. I'm kinda surprised they block ANY websites - you guys are in college now, time to make your own choices about what websites you browse.

Glad to hear you have great teachers though and are doing well. Your friend Max's work looks really promising too. Keep kicking ass!

Flikkernicht responds:

Thanks a bunch Tom! Means a lot. :D

But yeah that's the thing I was most surprised about-- I was always under the impression college was supposed to be one of the stepping stones into real "adulthood", so the fact that sites are still blocked based on content like in high school is kind of troubling haha. What's even more troubling is we have free access to shit like 4chan but NG is cut off for some reason?

I think I told you this when I was over at the offices, but if it's any consolation everyone there knows NG and I've had a lot of people approach me about it either because of my Butzbo shirt or the tat. Just the other day I had a cashier point the tattoo out haha.

and Max said to tell you thanks and that he really appreciates it, also. He's been browsing NG forever too, but it's hard to get him involved in the community since the place where we're both living 3/4ths of the year has Newgrounds cut off for some nondescript reason lol. He's mentioned several times how he wants to get started posting and stuff so here's hoping we can get that ban lifted!


2016-12-23 13:12:51

I think that casual, indifferent attitude young college kids have is pretty common in art school in general. i think to some degree its inevitable and was nurtured into the system. this is both bad and good because its a perfect opportunity to really elevate your game if other people are being complacent and casual. When i went to college, my freshman year was kind of casual, when i look back on it, part of it is because i rode in on a satin cloud after my senior year in high school, i was voted most talented, got a scholarship, knew i always wanted to do art and so i floated in and didnt really have a passion of someone who really WANTED it. after getting my ass handed to me that first year, i felt both embarassed and angry at myself for coming in with that effortless arrogance and the 3 years after that i kicked butt. BUT i WASTED a whole year to get to that point, so youre a smart boy, to see the forest from the trees.


Flikkernicht responds:

Thanks Luis, appreciate it a bunch. Interesting hearing your experiences with the college system as well.
I guess for me it's just been a thing of perceiving college as being "it" for me, where this is my shot at actually making something of myself beyond crude flash cartoons done in my bedroom.
For that reason I've been giving my 100%, and it's been baffling to me at least that not a whole lot of others seem to have that mentality. (and if we're being completely honest I could probably be giving more than I am-- My friend Max is doing shit like spending 13 hours a day in the labs. Motherfucker is a sled dog)
Hearing both from all the responses to this post as well as personal conversations I've had with others who either went to school for animation or are currently attending, this seems to be a constant regardless of when/where you attend. It's reassuring.
Thanks again though, good to hear from ya dude


2016-12-23 18:17:18

Honestly, you are talented at what you do. It seems like you are having fun too, which are good defining features. I hope you get what your lookin for in life, keep kickin it.

Flikkernicht responds:

I really appreciate it! Amongst all the frustration at some of the complacency in my classmates, the past few months have been the first time I've had a semi-positive outlook on...anything ever, so I'm glad that it shows.


2016-12-23 20:39:24

It has been awesome talking to you this year.
You and the New Wave guys are some of the most helpful people I have met online.

Thank you for giving advice on animation and stuff when I ask for it!
Good luck with all of your future projects!

Flikkernicht responds:

D'aw thanks man. Been nice getting to know you, and I'm glad me and the boys can be of help. If you ever need anything dont hesitate to hit me up!


2016-12-24 00:20:27

I'm really proud of you Jon. Glad you're working hard to improve as much as you can, you have the motivation that I'm lacking right now. Looking forward to your future work, including Blekk Ppl 2.

Flikkernicht responds:

Thanks a bunch man, knowing that I'm making someone proud is really fulfilling. Sorry to hear about your lack of motivation lately. In my experience I've found just pushing through it and working through whatever it is you feel like is holding you back is the best method of breaking that. Once I get into the steady workflow mode it starts coming back naturally. But different strokes for different folks, may not work as well for others as it does for me :|
and LOL fucking Blekk Ppl 2...2012 was a dark time. Thanks for sticking around lol


2016-12-24 00:26:12

Also yeah, some guy in my animation class was wondering why everybody was better than him except he always came in 1 hour late and spent the next remaining 3 hours eating or talking to people while doing absolutely NOTHING.

Flikkernicht responds:

I think my favorite example from my school would be the kids playing video games in the front row while the producer of Beavis and Butthead gave a guest lecture...like, at that point I think you have to be clinically retarded to believe you're doing anything other than wasting your time by attending


2017-01-03 12:00:29

boy jon has grown


2017-03-07 11:32:39

RIP to a passionate 'nother