Death Jam, 100 Fans, Big Rant

2014-08-18 18:31:38 by Flikkernicht

Hey Hi Hello !!!!!!

Over the weekend I worked on a new cartoon with my friends Michael and Bill, for the Newgrounds Movie Jam! I helped out with the writing, voices, audio editing, and character designs; Bill did backgrounds and voices, and Michael did all the animation work. 

Check that out here:

Window Pain

(I'm still yet to figure out how to embed the movies so it shows the picture and score and all, if you know how to do that please tell me aahhhh)

I never made a news post about this cartoon, just slipped my mind. Here's my NATA Novice Entry, go check that out if ya want. I didn't make it very far in NATA, but it was a super great experience and I'm 100% doing it next year. 


And woah, 100 fans! I know it ain't much, but seriously, I really appreciate it everyone! 

Around like, January or February I decided I'm gonna try to be more active here on NG. I've been using it since I was, like, 8 or 9 years old, although I never had an account with any kind of posts on it until this one. The site itself as well as a lot of the content on here's really given me the inspriation I needed to be an animator. Even when I did make this current account, I got discouraged from posting here by a lot of people, saying that it's dead and all and to just move to youtube instead. Initially, I listened to them, since it'd been a while since I'd used NG frequently and I didn't know any better. But, the more I started visiting NG, the more I remembered how much I liked everything about this site. It's seriously an awesome site, for all kinds of different artists. And frankly, it's not getting the amount of recognition it deserves in comparison to shit like Youtube. It feels like there's actually a community on here, where youtube, to me, it just feels like it's a bunch of independent content creators doing their own thing. Like, even the interface of the site seems like it's designed for collaboration-- whenever you upload a project, it shows EVERYONE who worked on the project as an author, not just the one who uploaded it. I just feel like there's a lot of creative potential for this site that Youtube just doesn't offer. 

Also, everyone seems to be talking about how Youtube's essentially fucking over animators in favor of let's players, here's my two-cents worth (not that anybody asked). I feel like if you're making animations just to get money then you're doing it for the wrong reason. I'd rather work a day job and make shit that I actually like to make on the side than be a full time web animator doing nothing but video game parodies and other people's work for commission. (don't quote me on that i'm still yet to get a paying day-job im sixteen fuck u) That's not to say there's anything wrong with doing commissions, though. I've done stuff for Machinima in the past and I have two comissioned videos I'm possibly gonna be doing for another thing. I mean, I'd love to be able to get money for working on shit that I actually like making, but unless I'm pumping out a cartoon once a week, then realistically it's not really a possibility. 

Hopefully that essay there doesn't sound pretentious as shit (I'm sure it does)

TLDR; I like Newgrounds better than Youtube

Wow did I seriously just write a fucking essay like that i'm so sorry 

--Flikkernicht 2014 xoxo



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2014-08-18 18:33:42

yay Jon!


2014-08-18 18:34:03



2014-08-18 18:36:13

wow wtf nobody wants to read this i wihs i could give this a zero but i cant

Flikkernicht responds:

hi please dont hhate im banning you from my page now thanks !!



2014-08-18 18:45:57

my parents still don't even think being a animator is a real job let alone being a youtube animator


2014-08-18 19:02:41

Pretty much sums up my thoughts about youtube
It's become little more than a sterile cash cow
Newgrounds has lasted this long for a reason
Artists animator and game developers have a platform
Here and can collaborate freely with one another
Hopefully with new bloods like you coming through
Newgrounds will last another 10 years and watch
Youtube crumble into the dust under its own bloated weight
Errr anyway I like your toons

Flikkernicht responds:

haha, thank you man, glad you like my cartoons and agree with my sleep deprived ramblings


2014-08-20 06:51:46

Thanks for the kind words about NG! Feeling hopeful about this next year, on a personal level I feel like I'm coming out of a really dark place that was 2011-2013.

Flikkernicht responds:

Hey no problem Tom. I'm looking forward to seeing what all Newgrounds has in store for the future!