Entry #1


2014-04-20 23:23:17 by Flikkernicht

Figured I'd do a little update thing, for anyone who gives a shit. (no one)

After a bunch of issues with writing and voicing and all kinds of stuff, I've begun work on my new cartoon. I've finished about 95% of the storyboards, and I've started some of the animatic as well. The cartoons about 7 minutes I think, so I have no idea when I'll be done with it. I'll probably do some smaller projects in the meantime to keep my sanity. 

In addition, I've been thinking about maybe doing NATA this year too. I'm just concerned that working on NATA's gonna make the 7 minute deal get put on hold until deth

I've also been really wanting to do some voice acting stuff lately, so if you need my voice for something, shoot me a PM. I don't have a demo reel because I'm unprofessional, but you can check some of the stuff I've voiced in this youtube playlist thing:


I'll also be at Pico Day this year! Really looking forward to it. Be sure to spit on me or punch me in the face if you see me. 

I think that's it? 

Oh hey while you're here, check out this picture of castform giving a titjob





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2014-04-20 23:34:57

forget spitting on u, your getting the beef stew fuker

Flikkernicht responds:

Alright, now there's beef